Year 2: Qualitative Inquiry

During year two, students learn the skills of qualitative inquiry, including research question formulation, study design, data collection and analysis, writing results, and preparing a scholarly manuscript reporting results. Students also learn how to assemble application materials to get research protocols evaluated and approved for review by the Rutgers University Institutional Review Board (IRB). In the fall semester, students develop a literature review that forms the context for their qualitative project. This review is to include literature about the population or problem of interest, and identify gaps in the research or literature, and justify the method of qualitative inquiry the student chooses for their project. Throughout the year, one-on-one conferences with DSW faculty are an opportunity to receive mentoring and guidance in completing the research process and written report. By January, the student will start the IRB process and begin data collection. Students will execute a small scale qualitative study (5-7 participants) and submit the manuscript as a component of their portfolio. Papers should be of publishable quality and no more than 25 pages including abstract, title page, and references. We strongly encourage students to submit their final papers for publication consideration in peer-reviewed journals.

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