Year 1: Foundation Writing and Case Study

The first year writing practicum is a unique opportunity to engage in intensive guided reading, writing, and revision practices.  The main goals of the first year are: 1) to gain a comprehensive understanding of what a case study is by way of example2) to learn reading comprehension and close reading through a combination of case study examples and theoretical framing texts, 3) to understand the pedagogy of case framing, which includes connective thinking, synthesis, and textual analysis, 4) to begin an annotated bibliography of module readings, and 5) to participate in the process of composition through a series of short writing assignments that each student will revise in order to be proficient in an array of writing skills, such as thesis writing, paragraphing, narrativizing through creative craft elements, using traceable scholarship, developing research skills, employing APA format correctly, and demonstrating grammatical proficiency.

The first half of the first year writing program helps set the foundation for writing the DSW portfolio products: one pragmatic narrative case study, one qualitative paper and a multimedia project.  In order to achieve these goals, students will be introduced to the ways of scholarly research. Students will be instructed in the scholarly writing process, from conceptualization and literature exploration to the writing and publication process. Students will begin by preparing an in-depth literature review in the fall semester.  This review will then be used in the second semester to frame the students’ case study, which is due at the end of their first year. In addition to proseminar feedback, “one-on-one” conferences with DSW faculty are an opportunity for feedback about writing and development of the case study. Final case study papers should be of publishable quality and no more than 25 pages including abstract, title page, and references. We strongly encourage students to submit their final papers for publication consideration in peer-reviewed journals.


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