Rutgers DSW Writing Program


The writing intensive curriculum of the Rutgers DSW Program offers students the unique opportunity to engage in guided writing and revision with experienced writing professors. The goal, beginning in the first year, is for students to learn various models and strategies for writing publishable material as they matriculate in the program. The pedagogy of the DSW Writing Program is designed to teach students how to work through specific lenses of reading and responding to example texts from within and outside the field of Social Work, and, in developing their own case studies, how to use these lenses and model texts to explore, to challenge, and to creatively re-imagine the case study as a vehicle for knowledge production and dissemination for the profession.

  • The Writing PortfolioIn lieu of the traditional PhD model of coursework followed by a dissertation, Rutgers DSW candidates actively work on a variety of portfolio products during their three years in residency–a more integrated and thus useful approach for the the next generation of practitioner-scholars.