The DSW curriculum is designed to help students:

• Recognize the links among theory, research, practice, and policy

• Engage in critical thinking and analysis

• Directly apply scholarly knowledge to various clinical practice contexts

• Tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity and view these elements as part of the process of knowledge development

• Be socialized to scholarly processes and practices

• Develop clinical expertise with a particular population or in an substantive area


Year 1: Fall

19:910:604 Foundation to Advanced Practice I
19:910:682 Clinical Practice I
19:910:695 Engaged Scholarship I

Year 1: Spring

19:910:666 Foundation to Advanced Practice II
19:910:688 Clinical Practice II
19:910:696 Engaged Scholarship II

Year 2: Fall

19:910:681 Foundation to Advanced Practice III
19:910:689 Clinical Practice III
19:910:697 Engaged Scholarship III

Year 2: Spring

19:910:690 Clinical Practice IV
19:910:694 Engaged Scholarship IV
19:910:698 Engaged Scholarship V

Year 3: Fall

19:910:691 Clinical Practice VI
19:910:699 Clinical Practice V
19:910:700 Engaged Scholarship VI

Year 3: Spring

19:910:692 Clinical Practice VII
19:910:701 Engaged Scholarship VII
19:910:702 Engaged Scholarship VIII