Demographic Profile of the 2012 DSW applicants

Below you will find a demographic summary of our first DSW applicant pool (as of March 1st).  I post these data because you might want to see if you fit the profile that our program is attracting.  
We are very impressed!  The number of years of post graduate practice experience is 11.67 years, for example. The average age of an applicant is 43.9.  Applicants work in many settings and with many types of clients. The profile represents what we had imagined might be the typical candidate.   The tremendous interest in the program has confirmed our vision.  
If you see yourself in this cohort profile, it is not too late to apply.  Although we are in the throes of interviewing all candidates and time is running out (we are doing rolling admissions), there is some time yet to apply.  If you were to apply and get us your materials quickly, you could still be considered for the first cohort.  If not, we are very confident there will be a second, third, and so on.  
Let us know what you think of this first pool?  Just post a comment.  Is this the pool of students you would want to study with? 
·       Total number of applicants: 37

·       Number of female applicants: 24

·       Number of male applicants: 13

·       Ages of applicants:

o   24 to 29: 3

o   30 to 39: 9

o   40 to 49: 10

o   50 to 59: 10

o   60 to 69: 1

o   No information provided: 3

·       Average age of applicants: 43.9

·       Range of ages of applicants: 26 to 63

·       Applicants’ location of residency:

o   New Jersey: 25

o   New York: 5

o   Pennsylvania: 2

o   Michigan: 1

o   Washington: 1

o   Canada: 1

o   No information provided: 2

·       Ethnic and racial identification of applicants (some applicants selected multiple):

o   White: 23

o   Other Latino: 7

o   Puerto Rican: 3

o   Black or African American: 4

o   American Indian or Alaska Native: 1

o   Asian: 1

o   No information provided: 3

·       Number of years of post-MSW practice:

o   1 to 5: 12

o   6 to 10: 9

o   11 to 15: 3

o   16 to 20: 3

o   21 to 25: 4

o   26 to 30: 3

o   30 to 35: 1

o   No information provided: 2

·       Average number of years of post-MSW practice: 11.67

·       Range of number of years of post-MSW practice: 1 to 31

·       Number of applicants with an equivalent of an LSW: 8

·       Number of applicants with their LCSW: 19

·       Number of applicants with School Social Work Certification: 8

·       Number of applicants with LCADC: 4

·       Applicants’ fields of experience (applicants can have multiple areas):

o   Mental health: 22

o   School social work: 7

o   Child welfare: 7

o   Homeless: 1

o   HIV/AIDS: 1

o   Higher education: 1

o   Addictions: 4

o   Trauma/Veterans: 2

o   Hospital settings: 1

o   Corrections: 1

o   Family therapy: 1

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